Galway: The Cultural Capital of Ireland

Welcome to Arts in Galway website.

Galway is known as the Cultural Capital of Ireland, with a great atmosphere of culture alongside its streets which are filled with artists and street performances during the summer season.  Eyre Square, which lies right in the heart of the city, is a favorite spot for tourists and local residents alike.

Leaving the square and heading towards Merchants Road offers tourists a variety of options that the city has on offer, such as musicians and street performers who share the same space with a young and vibrant public.  Due to the large number of educational establishments throughout the city, Galway has seen a sizable influx of young revelers. This has transformed the small city into what feels like a metropolis.  In 2008 Galway City was voted as one of the top eight sexiest cities in the world.

For those who have a preference for a more relaxed tour, there are several places of historical interest.  The St. Nicolas Collegiate Church is considered the largest medieval church, still in use in Ireland today.  Another religious building standing in the landscape of Galway city is the cathedral, an imposing church dedicated to Our Lady of Assumption.

Nora Barnacle’s museum is a small museum which opens its doors only during summer – its collection is dedicated to famous writer James Joyce.  The building was the residency of Nora Barnacle who was the writer’s wife.  Another museum of interest is the Galway city museum located close to the Spanish Arch, which is well worth checking out.

Tourists wishing to stay in town will find several options for accommodation: from the famous B&B’s (Bed and Breakfast) to high-end luxury hotel suites, all of which are located in the centre of the city close to many amenities and attractions.  There are also various hostels operating throughout the city, for those who wish to meet up with other fellow travelers from various parts of the world, especially Spain (to which Galway has strong ties).

A tour of Salthill is sure to bring good times to all with a breath taking view of the Atlantic Ocean, a beachfront promenade for those keen on walking, rollerblading or cycling.  Sitting down and relaxing on the rocks of Salthill is also a worthwhile experience to take in the Atlantic air.  Salthill is home to the national aquarium of Ireland, which houses many different species of fish and marine life.  If you start feeling hungry, you can choose from a variety of restaurants, from the tradition of fast food chain SuperMac`s to many places specialising in seafood.
Tourists can use Galway City as a hub branching out to other famous tourist hot spots on the west coast, such as:  The Cliffs of Moher, Connemara and the Aran Islands.  Several local tour operators offer package deals for visitors to see these sites.  Now that you already know a little bit about Galway city, pack your bags and enjoy this wonderful destination.


Arts Centres

Galway Arts Centre

The centre is a Forum providing creativity, dialogue, performance, publication and exhibition amongst professional artists and to make the arts acessible to the community in Galway.

Nuns’ Island Studio

This is the performance space of the Galway Arts Centre and is sited in Nuns’Island, Galway.

It is home to Galway Youth Theatre and the Live Art component of Tulca.


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