By Francois Gunning

Exhibition from the 10th of June until the 15th of August 2012 Atlantaquaria Galway

The pictures displayed through this exhibition are built using plastics rejected by the ocean; they pay homage to the growing number of people who choose to make a living from researching solutions towards both preventing plastics to end in the ocean, and reclaiming what does get there. . Finding ways of using plastics worn and transformed by their stay in sea water to produce art work , demands that the work produced take into consideration the physical characteristics of the materials. This essentially starts with a deliberate decision to reconsider the status of the material. A clear parallel develops with the efforts of those working at recycling or salvaging plastics from the sea. To try and focus on the finding of solutions, a conscious effort is required to set aside a logical tendency to view the material as distasteful refuse. The development of avenues permitting the use of plastics as an art material, just like the development of cleanup solutions and recycling methods, depends to a large part on a readiness to question the present situation. This questioning must allow us to separate habits from useful practice; more problematic still, there isn’t a fixed goal to work towards. New solutions tend to develop new possibilities of exploiting a material that has a multitude of different incarnations, each requesting a different approach. Having to deny the fatality of a polluted sea, having to search for ways of seeing the potential thrill in a discarded material, and having to search for different, less obvious ways of building pictures, is not always productive or rewarding. But, the game is starting to reveal its rules, and I look forward to learning about more innovations aiming at safeguarding and repairing the ecosystem; I hope through these endeavours, to find avenues leading me to reappraisals of my work leading in turn to a renewed approach to making pictures.

Francois Gunning can be contacted on (00) 353 (0)87 130 25 28 or by email at


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