In October of last year Galway Theatre Festival launched a new initiative called PARLEY, in which emerging artists met one another within the context of the festival environment to discuss theatre making in Ireland, touring, theatre networks and the different approaches to theatre practice. 

SOLSTICE and Galway Theatre Festival will select two actors or directors based in Ireland who will travel to Cork for the five days of the Festival to meet local and participating artists.

SOLSTICE provides five nights accommodation and a full event pass for the PARLEY participants and organises informal meetings with other practitioners. Participants will cover the cost of return travel.


– To include artists in the discourse about creating, producing and touring theatre in Ireland

– To compare and contrast regional theatre infrastructures in Ireland

– To lay the foundation for touring or collaboration between artists in different areas

– To expose regional emerging theatre makers to one another’s work and practice

– To create/strengthen theatre artist networks


– Parley is open to any actor or director who is based in Galway (city or county) and has been involved in a production in the past twelve months

– Applicants must be keen to engage in discussion on the nature of theatre and have some familiarity with the theatre infrastructure in their region

– Applicants must be available from 26th June – July 2nd inclusive. 

– Interested parties should send a cover letter stating their interest in the initiative, along with a CV, to with PARLEY in the subject line before FRIDAY 15th June.

SOLSTICE runs from the 27th June – 1st July


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