Galway Film Fleadh: What’s on Friday, 13th July, 2012

Galway Film Fleadh

Galway Film Fleadh

The 24th Galway Film Fleadh (10 -15 July) will screen a record number of new Irish Features this year, with titles such as Grabbers, Pilgrim Hill, Citadel, King of the Travellers, Good Vibrations, Songs for Amy, Baby Girl and Shadow Dancer amongst others. A feast of enlightening new documentaries from at home and abroad include titles like Natural Grace, The Swell Season, The Reluctant Revolutionary, The Ambassador, Anton Corbijn Inside Out, Planet Snail and Queen of Versailles.

A focus on Danish Cinema will showcase the fi lms that established the rules of Dogme 95 and broke them again, alongside new fi lms such as Teddy Bear, Putin’s Kiss and Superclásico.

Also screening will be new international features from the UK, USA and Europe, not to mention the only Academy Award accredited Short Film Programme in the Republic of Ireland, rounding out one of the most exciting programmes the Fleadh has served up yet.

Friday 13th July 2012
New Irish Shorts: Programme 3 9.30 Town Hall Theatre Buy Tickets
Galway Film Fair* 10.00 Radisson BLU Hotel Buy Tickets
Shamrocracy 10.10 Cinemobile Buy Tickets
New Irish Shorts: Programme 4 11.00 Town Hall Theatre Buy Tickets
The Ambassador 12.00 Cinemobile Buy Tickets
The Fifth Province 12.00 Omni 6 Buy Tickets
The Devil’s Backbone 12.00 Omni 7 Buy Tickets
Lón sa Spéir – Men at Lunch 13.00 Town Hall Theatre Buy Tickets
Donnie Darko 14.00 Omni 7 Buy Tickets
The Tempest 14.00 Cinemobile Buy Tickets
The Woman Who Brushed Off Her Tears 14.10 Omni 6 Buy Tickets
Earthbound 15.00 Town Hall Theatre Buy Tickets
Dublin in Pieces 16.00 Cinemobile Buy Tickets
Ring 16.10 Omni 7 Buy Tickets
Pilgrim Hill 17.00 Town Hall Theatre Buy Tickets
Pusher 2 17.10 Omni 6 Buy Tickets
Four Horsemen 18.00 Cinemobile Buy Tickets
The Exorcist 18.10 Omni 7 Buy Tickets
Jump 19.00 Town Hall Theatre Buy Tickets
Detachment 19.10 Omni 6 Buy Tickets
Meeting on the Stairs 20.00 Cinemobile Buy Tickets
The Ninth Configuration 20.40 Omni 7 Buy Tickets
Sanctuary 21.00 Town Hall Theatre Buy Tickets
In the Family 21.00 Omni 6 Buy Tickets
Stalker 22.00 Cinemobile Buy Tickets
Citadel 23.00 Town Hall Theatre Buy Tickets
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 23.00 Omni 7 Buy Tickets

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