Galway Fringe Festival presents, The Art of Galway Exhibition

The Visual arts section of Galway Fringe Festival is pleased to showcase Galway based artists. Including; the striking collection of paintings, ‘Human Collage’ by Ali Raza, in which he shows the dark savage side of human nature through expressive paint. From a recent exchange to British Colombia the series ‘The Insomniac’ is a cinematic narrative by artist Enda Burke. ‘Symbiosis ’by Lara Luxardi, is her collection of delicate photographic pieces whose aim is to depict the colonization of nature & its subsequent reaction. Illustrating how objects can impose upon & displace what pre-exists. Tara Breathnach presents ‘Saothair on Iarthar’, a collection of works on paper, inspired by her surroundings in the west of Ireland. Deirdre Deegan will exhibit ‘What’s left Behind’ a collection of prints echoing the process of decay, deterioration & also dealing with nostalgia attached to memories. With Particular attention to human interaction with places & the essence of which is left behind Joanna Kasinska introduces her beautiful contemporary conceptual ceramics. Through which she reveals the strength & fragility of life & its universal truths.   Spiddal based artist Ruth Cadden is exhibiting vivacious paintings and drawings spanning landscape, figurative pieces and also some from her ‘Seductive Mythology’ series is a whimsical take on some of the more exotic couplings and creatures of Greek/Minoan Mythology elegant, charming and sometimes startling!  Elmarie Collins photographic images portrayed in light boxes from her ‘Outsiders’ exhibition. Vanessa Jordan is a professional photographer & visual artist based in Furbo & will be displaying her beautiful prints. Juxifty productions are an artist led cooperative based in Galway .

Collaborating together to produce an exhibition based on .the exploration of the theme; Metamorphosis, they will incorporate their various disciplines such as paint ceramics, sculpture & print.  ‘A Picture a Day from Galway Bay’ is a collection of Limited edition fine art prints from artists Theresa Daly, Marjorie Daly David Rose Brendan Deirdre Mulvenna  & Noel Daly. Larissa Doyle will be showing her wonderful painted images on glass. Juxifty productions are an artist led cooperative based in Galway. They will incorporate their various disciplines such as paint ceramics, sculpture & print. Artists Michelle Doyle & Aisling Kelly are exhibiting their colourful acrylic landscape & abstract symbolic works. Galway based artist Naomi Goodman focusus predominantly on ‘straight’ shooting with minimal digital manipulation.

By presenting images from everyday life the artist aims to tap into emotion and images beyond language and immediate perception. Also featured are young artists from the GTI and the GRADUATE show from GMIT students.


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