Getting the Cure: Follow Liam, on his one-man monologue

Paul McCarrick, ‘Getting The Cure’
Garvey’s Inn – Foster Street, The Docks, Galway. On
Monday 16th July 2012 until Saturday 21st July 2012. Doors Open : 2:30:PM. 30 minuntes, € 5

Liam is in a bad way. He has just accidently spilt the contents of a chip pan over his legs. Luckily for him, he hears word that there is a man down town with the ʺgift of the cureʺ, the ability to heal burns with his saliva. Liam’s sceptical but with nothing to lose he decides to give it a go. Follow Liam, on his one-man monologue, on a bizarre journey through Galway as he learns lessons such as respect, tolerance and the importance of taking care when cooking with a chip pan.


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