14 Days of Live performance art at Galway Arts Centre

As part of the Galway Arts Festival July 16th – 29th The Performance Collective present Subject to Ongoing Change 14 days of live improvised performance art. The Performance Collective is a group of five leading performance artists from the visual arts in Ireland. They have worked together since 2007. Michelle Browne, Alex Conway, Pauline Cummins, Frances Mezzetti and Dominic Thorpe will present work that explores live improvisation and collaboration over time and in the presence of audience. Each day the group will perform for 4 hours with additional works dotted throughout the week. The work will be created and received in the same moment, as the artists perform together to explore action and interaction in a non-linear non-narrative form. The audience can experience the work at their own pace and can come and go throughout the duration. This challenging new body of work that will be collaborative, improvised, durational and live critically engages with how performance is presented in a gallery context and time structure.

Official opening Wednesday 18th July from 6-8pm.Performance schedule on the 18th July 10am – 12.30pm and 3 – 7pm.A special Event performance will happen from Dawn to Dusk on Sunday 22nd of July from 10pm – 4am following the Macnas parade. Working with ideas of transformation and metamorphosis the artists will exploit the unique atmosphere of this time of the day. For more information on the performance collective and a timetable of the performances over the 2 weeks of the festival go to www.theperformancecollective.com. The group is driven by the live experience and is dedicated to meaningful experience for artists and audience. Key to their work is authentic presence through performance, and how the relationships, energy and commitment of performers can generate real and intimate experiences between artists and audience. The Performance Collective creates vibrant collaborative work that challenges each member’s position as an individual artist while exploring the dynamics of working within a group. The Performance Collective has carved out a unique voice in contemporary visual art, presenting thought provoking, challenging work.

For further information Contact: Victoria Mc Cormack, Galway Arts Centre

091 – 565886 – 087 7658887



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