Ben Geoghegan
Open until 29th July 2012

The intensions for ‘Iconoclast‘ are to accommodate and privilege disparities and complexities within idenity and collectives; using photography as an expression of curiosity and participation in broader fields of everyday life, and as a means of looking widely into the world.

Offering an opportunity to meditate upon the grandeur of history and as an analogy for the particularity and sameness of our experience, especially in an age of increasing homogeneity; when the sustainability of our existence is everyone’s concern.
The exhibition concerns itself with the history of Art and ‘exhibition’ and is not alone among contemporary discourse in this respect, but intends to maintain a level of playfulness and humour that can be accessible, and engaged with popular culture, whether it’s the history and discourse of photography or painting, etc.
Using a variant of Brechtian “alienation” technique, nudgingly reminding us that we are looking at a construct, a staged contrivance, the exhibits articulate diverse ideas and means in order to formulate a poetics of vision confronted with the gaps between reality and representation.
Through ‘Iconoclast ‘ it is intended that there materialises a specfic condition of exposure that is essential to Art and offers a critical commentry on the ways in which presentation bestows value and addresses constituencies. Through combining production modes of making and presenting (at once creative, analytic, interpretive) and by inhabiting the roles of photographer, curator, designer, critic, fabricator and historian (all under the rubric of Visual Practitioner), the works presented in this show celebrate a challenge to cherished beliefs, be those, of Church, State, and the institution of Art itself ?

Bonkers. It’s all one song.’– Neil Young replied to a fans request for a song.




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