Next infrastructure fund should consider arts investments

The Chairman of the Arts Council, Ms Pat Moylan, has said too narrow a view is being taken of infrastructure investment and that the arts should be considered in any future funds given its potential to create jobs.
Speaking at the opening of the Dublin Theatre Festival, where the taxpayer, through the Arts Council, is the main funder wit…h an investment of €800,000, Ms Moylan said investment in the arts and arts infrastructure is amongst the best investments the State can make.
“Too narrow a view is taken of investment in Ireland. It always has to be roads or physical infrastructure. But investment in our creative industries reap a massive dividend for Ireland from the very start.”
“The arts provide very significant direct and indirect employment and underpin the vital creative and cultural industries here. The arts are also critical to tourism. As Ireland has proved again this year, people do not come for the weather, they come for the experience and the arts are a vital piece of what makes Ireland a great holiday destination.”
“Ireland needs to keep investing in the arts as they bring renown to Ireland as a place where innovation and creativity are strongly supported. The investment made in the arts is repaid many times over through the income it generates and the culture and society it helps to build.”
“For young graduates coming out of College, the arts and creative industries offer enormous opportunities. The sector is ideally suited to young graduates looking at creative innovations. Already the wider arts sector supports more than 21,000 jobs and contributes more than €300 million in taxes. The creative industries here, which define Ireland across the globe, employ 79,000 people and contribute €4.3 billion to the economy. In these tougher times, it should be seen as an engine of opportunity for the nation and deserves further investment.”

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