Post-Fordlândia: An exhibition by Tom Flanagan & Megs Morley

Post-Fordlândia: An exhibition of new collaborative work by Tom Flanagan & Megs Morley
Opening Reception: Saturday August 11th, 6pm – 10pm

Post-Fordlândia is a series of films and photographic works exploring the ruins of Fordlândia, Henry Ford’s failed utopian, white-picket town constructed in 1928 in the heart of the Amazonian rainforest. Fordlândia, a now abandoned American town exists as the most poignant existing monument to Ford’s attempt to export his puritanical model of capitalism “Fordism” and the American way of life into other parts of the world. Whilst Ford’s vision was at once protecting even parental, it was utterly totalitarian, and as industrialised processes became increasingly global, the flaws in Ford’s logic began to erode the fabric of his utopian dream. As the ensuing disasters mounted, Ford’s aims for Fordlândia became increasingly obsessed by idealism, as if he sensed that the growing failure of Fordlândia was an apocalyptic premonition that threatened to destroy his vision of the world saved by capitalism.
Post-Fordlândia is a series of works exploring the space between fiction, documentary, and subjective observation, that contemplates the physical and ideological failure of the exportation of the capitalist dream into one of the most complex ecological and cultural places on the planet.

Megs Morley and Tom Flanagan are visual artists based in Galway, Ireland. Their collaborative practice is primarily concerned with the exploration of cultural and political contexts and sites through the expanded use of artists cinema, cinematic space, documentary, fiction and experimental film. Their approach to moving image is multifaceted and experimental and plays with the forms and tropes of both fiction and non-fiction film. Their work explores a self-reflexive inquiry into the medium of film, and attempts to complicate potential readings surrounding the documentation of politically complex sites and contexts thereby creating a criticality on the relationship between images, history and memory.

Morley and Flanagan both studied Fine Art Sculpture in LSAD before completing Masters in Visual Arts Practices in IADT, 2008. Their work has been exhibited both nationally and internationally in both gallery and film festival contexts. Recent solo and group exhibitions include: Galway Arts Centre, June 2011 (Solo), Rencontres Internationales: Paris: Centre Pompidou November 2011. “A Series of Navigations” curated by Seamus Kealy, The Model, Sligo. Upcoming: Rencontres Internationales: Berlin – July 2012, Mermaid Arts, Wicklow, (Solo) 2013. Public Commissions include “Aughty, a Film in 4 Parts” a feature length film, commissioned by Aughty Public Art Projects and Galway County Council, July 2012.
126 Gallery is pleased to announce a new partnership with the Good Children Gallery, New Orleans, USA. The Good Children Gallery is a pioneer artist-run space based in the St. Claude Arts District aimed at enhancing the cultural landscape of New Orleans. The space serves as a bellwether for artistic endeavors by exhibiting engaging work from local, national, and international artists.
As part of this new partnership, the galleries will exchange exhibitions during the upcoming programme year. 126 Gallery will travel with a show to New Orleans in August 2012, with the Good Children Gallery bringing a show to Galway in June 2013.

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