Dagmar Drabent presents ‘Dignity is a Strong Body’

Dagmar Drabent presents a solo show of new photographic work with text, ‘Dignity is a Strong Body’ at NUI Galway – October 3 to November 30. Drabent’s aim is to celebrate some of her remarkable friends who are considered to be ‘ageing’; dealing with illness or simply life’s challenges. She has photographed flowers just post-maturing and designated an image to a friend with text, celebrating the person. All of these friends are growing older, indeed, one is no longer alive. She wants to draw attention to understanding and accepting, not just with regard to the individuals themselves, but also to those aspects of life that are so often ignored. The images are not just representations of, but dedications to friends who have been chosen to be symbolic for the strength and spirit of all individuals, who may be marked by life and yet are unconditionally beautiful. 2012 is “European Year of Active Ageing and Solidarity between Generations”. Born in Hambury, Germany Drabent is an artist and Ph.D student at NUI Galway. The exhibition is presented by NUI Galway’s Arts & Theatre Office. ‘Dignity is a Strong Body’ will be launched on Wednesday, October 3 in Áras na Mac Léinn, NUI Galway at 5pm by Lorraine McIlrath, Director of CKI (Community Knowledge Initiative) at NUI Galway. The exhibition will run daily from 8.00am to 10.00pm, until November 30. Refreshments served, free entry and all are welcome. All works, produced on aluminium, will be for sale. One of friends remebered both in text and image is Rita (62, with Arthritis): The flaws of a long chain of ancestors etched their marks onto your bones. It made your history a verdict.With it came the pain and you still don’t know where to put it. But it colours your open eyes, your wide smile and you embrace each greeting of passers-by with all the love you have.


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