Baile an Salsa, bring a fusion of Latin Salsa and Irish Trad

Galway’s newest band, Baile an Salsa, bring a fusion of Latin Salsa and Irish Trad to Monroe’s Live this Saturday. Baile an Salsa is an innovative new Galway-based band which fuses Irish traditional music with Latin Salsa. Nine musicians from six different countries have come together, creating a diverse multicultural group of performers who share their passion for Irish and Latin music. Their style, which they have named Salsa-Trad, features Irish melodies mixed with energetic Salsa rhythms. After nearly eight years of performing successful Salsa nights in Galway, singer Andres Martorell (Uruguay) came up with the idea to fuse these two root styles, and began to talk with his musician friends around town. Alan Preims (Italy), salsa percussionist, joined Andres on the search for musicians who would be open to this exciting idea, and they invited fiddler Michael Chang (USA) to come on board. Gradually the band was formed with the addition of Tony Aguilar (Mexico) on bass, Rags Ferguson (Ireland) on bodhran and Latin percussion, and Brid Dunne (Ireland) on piano. Peter Brazier (UK) on mandolin and guitar joined and brought his world music experience, and one of Ireland’s most prominent percussionists Frailan Moran (Cuba) rounded out the rhythm section. Last but not least, accordionist Ger Chambers (Ireland) came on board, and his enthusiasm for Salsa adds the finishing touch.

The songs of Baile an Salsa are mainly originals composed by the band. Andres Martorell brings in melodies from various styles including Salsa, Rumba, Flamenco,Sean Nos and more, and the rest of the band lend their combined expertise to complete a truly Portugal sound.  Baile an Salsa are not to be missed! Come see the live show this Saturday, the 17th of November, at Monroe’s Live. Doors at 9:30pm, and admission is 10 euro. To view a short video sample about Baile an Salsa, click on the following link:


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