Galway Arts Centre presents Áine Phillips in Galway in February

Galway Arts Centre presents Áine Phillips in Galway in February
Spectral, a performance by Áine Phillips
On 7th February at 7pm Áine Phillips will perform ‘Spectral’ in The Cube, Áras na Mac Leinn, NUI Galway. In her live performance “Spectral” Phillips creates biographically sourced images and actions that explore the limits of sanity and human freedom. The piece is also a metaphor for the madness in society, where structures of power exploit weakness and acts of unreason govern civilised cultures. J G Ballard wrote “In completely sane world, madness is the only freedom.”

All Collaborators will be Shot!

A seminar on art collaborations chaired by Áine Phillips at The Cube, Arás na Mac Leinn, NUI Galway on Friday the 8th February 2013 from 10am – 5pm
Muscailt NUI Galway and Galway Arts Centre with the Burren College of Art present a national seminar on interdisciplinary artistic collaboration convened by Dr Áine Phillips.
The seminar will present diverse current thinking around artistic collaboration as a process of interconnection and working together towards joint aims that artists increasingly engage in. Presentations will explore sound art and socially engaged practice, film and popular culture, performance, live art and photography. Collaboration has become a tenant of contemporary practice and funding streams and it exemplifies notions of ‘joined up thinking’ and interdisciplinarity which are currently considered important developmental processes in art, culture and social progress. An aim of the event will be to generate networks and connections between all the attendees for the benefit of future possible collaborations!
Presentations will include Rachel Davies, London based film maker and academic, Manuel Vason, London based photographer and live artist, Megs Morley and Tom Flanagan Galway based film artists and Sean Taylor, Limerick based artist. The day will include group and panel discussions. Light refreshments will be provided. The event is free but advance booking is essential through NUIG arts office:

Invisible Knowledge
Galway Arts Centre, 47 Dominick Street.
8th February to the 2nd March 2013
Opening Reception and publication launch Friday 8th February at 6pm
Áine Phillips & Collaborators:
Vivienne Dick (Ireland), Manuel Vason (Italy/UK), Tom Flanagan (Ireland), Nada Zgank (Slovenia), Rachel Davies (UK), Alex Chaise White (UK)

“Invisible Knowledge” is a collection of works made during collaborations between Áine Phillips and some of the most prominent artists in Ireland, UK and Europe who are documenting and interpreting performance and live art. “Invisible Knowledge” entangles ideas of vanishment, confinement and escape with portraits of lost girls, elegantly dressed trees and articles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
Collaboration is also a form of ‘invisible Knowledge’ in that it engages new aspects of creative self in revealations that happen in the artistic encounter with another. Art collaborations unravel each partner’s methods and processes forcing new creative approaches, generating new relationships between ideas and outcomes. Art collaboration is a form of dialectic: it generates dialoge as a method of intellectual investigation and enables the expression of two countering forces, while producing a synthesis of ideas in the form of a new work. In collaboration, two or more subjectivities meet to share the invisible knowledge they carry, and to manifest it.
Michel Foucault wrote about madness and unreason as being forms of ‘invisible knowledge’ and the projects featured in this show all explore aspects of invisible facts, intelligence or understanding outside of the explicit, visible world dealing with the vanishing of people, ecological inter-connection, social confinement and freedom. This exhibition “Invisible Knowledge” is also a refuge from unbelief. It is a series of works that evidence belief in the creative relationships that form the basis of art making to explore relevant and urgent human issues.
These projects are funded by the Arts Council, Galway City council, Galway County Council, NUI Galway and Clare County Council. Additional support from Bar 8.


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